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If you have ever been through the unexpected death of a loved one, then you know how important pre-planning can be. Just having all the vital statistics, important papers, and funeral wishes picked out ahead of time takes away a huge part of the burden for those left behind.


Beyond pre-planning, pre-funding a funeral with a Maine Guaranteed Service Mortuary Trust locks in today’s prices, both funeral home and outside costs, such as cemetery fees. Besides the peace of mind pre-funding provides, it is often required as a way to “pay down” assets when one is placed in a nursing home for MaineCare eligibility.


Maine has very strict rules when it comes to mortuary trusts. As required, we use the Maine Mortuary Trust Agreement, and offer it in both the “Guaranteed Service” and “Credit for Service” varieties, depending on your needs. 100% of the funds are deposited in a local, FDIC insured bank, and, while transferable, the funds can only be withdrawn when a death certificate is presented.


Generations of local families have trusted us to help plan funeral services for their loved ones. Call and set up an appointment, and Mr. Burpee can help you sort through your options. You won’t be pressured or rushed, you won’t be asked to sign or finalize anything until you are ready. Many people choose to pre-arrange their funeral now, with the option of pre-funding it in the future. We believe in giving people as much information as possible and then helping them sort through it, making informed decisions, and pre-planning allows them to do that at their own pace. Again, the “best” funeral is one that fits the needs of the family, not of the funeral home.

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