Traditional Services


The healing value of a traditional funeral is determined not by the cost of the casket, but by how your loved one looks. We take great care when embalming and preparing, knowing how important that final “memory picture” can be to the grieving process.

Video Tributes

Let us take your family photos and favorite music and turn it into a Video Tribute to your loved one. We handle all scanning and production in-house, provide DVD’s and flash drives to the family, and host the video on our website.

Facility Services

More and more of our families are choosing in-house services, both traditional and cremation. We offer a large or small parlor to fit your needs, and only host one service at a time, so your family has access to our refreshment room, bathrooms, and parking.

Funeral Vehicles

We maintain a fleet of professional funeral vehicles, including a hearse and a limousine. We never use a minivan or station wagon when transporting human remains, only a hearse, and we never do “bulk transfers” to the crematory, only one set of remains at a time.

Special Arrangements

Years ago, most funeral homes applied a “cookie cutter” approach to planning funerals; Catholics did it one way, protestants another, etc., but within a faith most funeral were basically the same. Not anymore. Now, all funerals can be customized to fit your family’s needs. We can help you plan a custom service that still fits into your faith’s guidelines.

Alternative Options

We can arrange anything from immediate burials, rental caskets, Spring burials, to domestic & international shipping of remains. Since 1925, our families have trusted us with their unique needs and problems. We take that trust very seriously, and will do everything possible to meet their needs.

Choosing a Casket

The selection of a casket for a loved one is a very personal experience. We offer a large selection of traditional caskets and containers designed to meet the needs of our families.

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Cremation Services

Cremation Services

We offer a full range of cremation services and merchandise. From simple direct cremations, to scattering and celebration of life services, we can help you pick through the many possibilities.

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Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Some people do it for simple peace of mind, others for Medicare eligibility reasons, and some to lock in today’s prices. Whether you just want your wishes known or you need to set aside the funds, we can walk you through the process.

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Cremation Services

Local Resources

Contact information for a variety of local cemeteries and florists.

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